Mount your camera right!

As part of my youtube channel I am doing lots of recordings and learning how to use camera right is an on going process.
When you first got a tripod, I thought it was pretty simple: just extend the legs, put the camera on top, and voila! It’s ready to go!

I’ll admit that I definitely thought this way for awhile. But, then I read Ansel Adams’ great book The Camera, where he dedicates two whole pages to proper use of the tripod. He starts off by explaining that:

“Many photographers casually set up the tripod and use the various tilts and adjustments in a haphazard way. It is preferable, however, to be more methodical in setting up the tripod, if time and situation permit, to provide precise positioning of the camera and the greatest possible stability.” –Ansel Adams, The Camera

After spending 40 hours researching tripods and I found the Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263AB100 kit to be the most versatile platform for challenging shooting situations. It has the tallest maximum height and the most flexible range of positions among the tripod models we tested, and it’s very stable. It’s also easy to set up and break down, and built to withstand years of use.

The only problem with this equipment was microphone quality was not great. I was lucky that I had a great mic from a couple of years ago. However Mounting the mic to camera was a hassle as well. I started using our CM01 Video Camera/Digital Recorder Adapter to mount my camera to the mic stand. It can also used for boom. Its freely adjustable ball joint enables independent pan and tilt so the camera can be positioned at virtually any angle, and the position locks in place to ensure secure placement. This versatile adapter can also be used to stabilize a projector, digital audio recorder, or any device with a 1/4″ mounting socket.

Here is my setup when I used it with this great projector.


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