Case for Apple Watch 4/5 Series

With my active lifestyle and clumsiness, I am prone to striking and scraping my Apple Watch around, especially when I am working out. My watch has taken a few scratches and I was wondering if there was an Apple Watch case I can use to protect my Apple Watch like a phone case. I was surprised to find quite a few options available on Amazon. I ordered one and I was very happy with the product so I wanted to share it with you, in case you have the same problem I have.

Unlike some other cases, this case is made out of TPU so its not a rigid case but still provides full coverage for the phone. It is very durable and I like that it has 360 degrees coverage as opposed to just being on the top. The screen is not obstructed in any way and you have full access to the buttons on the side. I also loved the ease of putting the case on and taking off. It was not a struggle, super quick and easy to remove.

You can purchase the item from the link below:

Specs on the item:

– Protection Angle: 360 degree
– Includes : Watch Case Protector
– Dimension: 155×14.5×14.5mm
– Function: Video & Audio recording, motion detection.

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