Bamboo Rolling Pin for Dumplings

As you can tell from my blog, I do a lot of cooking and I enjoy trying new products in my cooking techniques. In Turkish cooking we use a thinner rolling pin for most recipes than the traditional thick rolling pin. I have a hard time finding the right thickness I am looking for when shopping for rolling pins on Amazon so I usually buy my rolling pins from Turkey.

I did come across something on Amazon that I thought I would give a try in my cooking and wanted to let you know that I am pleased with the find! This is a good rolling pin for every day use. I love the finish on the surface of the pin. It is a good quality and not raw, so there is no prickly feeling to it. I also think it holds well and the grip is perfect when rolling thicker and thinner dough. The smooth finish makes it a hygienic product as well. I had some poor finished products where the flour and dough get stuck and then form mold or bacteria. This product has so far been avoiding that issue. 

Overall, the product is pretty good quality for a great price. It is also versatile in its shape and design. You can use it not just for traditional Asian dumplings but for other kinds of dough recipes such as the Turkish Borek, breads, Turkish Manti (dumplings), baklava and much more. Get creative and get cooking!


purchase it here:

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