BIC Brite Liner Highlighter, Chisel Tip, Assorted Colors, 24-Count- 70% off on Amazon

This box came with 12 yellow, 6 pink, 2 green, and 2 blue highlighters. I love the color selections and the lightweight style. The pens last a good length and the colors are bright and eye catching. I forget to cap sometimes and walk away but the tip doesn’t dry out!

I love color coding my to do lists and also use a highlighter in my every day work, reading papers, so this is an amazing deal!! These colors make my reading and work a bit more fun and colorful. Really good amazon lightening deal, only valid for 12 hours, dont miss out!!

What’s in the Box:

  • 24 BIC Brite Liner Highlighters:
  • 12 Yellow
  • 6 Pink
  • 2 Blue
  • 2 Green
  • 2 Orange

You can buy and see the current price here

Fitness Bands- 5 different resistance

OKISS Resistance Loop Exercise Bands 100% Natural Latex Workout Bands Set of 5 for Home Fitness Yoga Pilates Legs Butt Arms Improve Mobility and Strength with Instruction Guideline&Carry Bag


I recently purchased fitness bands from Amazon and I wanted to review them for others who might be interested in a lowcost fitness option. These bands sparked my interest because they are natural latex and came in 5 different resistance strengths.

The bands are very good quality and durable. They come with instruction manual so easy to follow and use with different exercise options and workout routines. The pouch is very handy to keep the bands with me while traveling. Overall very satisfied and recommend these to anyone looking for a home workout.

You can buy from here

Sunacme 36 Color Fineliner Pens Set- Perfect for adult coloring book

I was looking for  a set of finetip pens for my new adult coloring craze. If you havent tried adult coloring books yet, I would highly recommend it. It is so relaxing. I am going to add a review for a good deal to get you started on that, stay tuned.

I found these pens on Amazon and really purchased it because it was such a good deal- 36 pens for less than $5.00. I was not expecting much from the pens but I was pleasantly surprised.

First off the color variety is great! secondly the tip is of a good quality and the ink is bright and beautiful on paper. It does not seep into the next page which is great! I really liked this set and ordered one with a few coloring books for my mom and mother in law as well. Highly recommended.

Check it out here:

Adult Coloring Book- Relaxing Designs

This is probably one of the best mandala books that I have gotten in a very long time. They are absolutely exquisite! They are not over the top difficult, nor are they too basic. I would say that probably most Colorists would enjoy this beautiful book. There are only a couple of pictures that I would say are for the dedicated, advanced colorist. Over 100 pages of coloring at your heart’s desire. If you are into adult coloring books or just want to make a start, or  a mandala lover, this book is a must have. You will absolutely adore it!

You won’t regret buying this book. The price is also unbeatable! what can you get for less than $5 these days? I would also pick up a couple of extra copies for gifts. The pages and the pictures are of good high quality!

Happy Coloring!

You can buy the book from here.

Also you can find the current price of the product below

Hoyle Waterproof Clear Playing Cards

Favorite poolside game item and useful all year round.

I discovered waterproof playing cards  at a pool party and have invested in this pair since. The cards are sturdy and made of plastic, they are also really cool looking.  They’re great cards, smooth shuffling and playing. These playing cards are a HIT. I take them out with me for social events and when visiting people, even to the beach. We just play and play. So you can get them wet and they won’t soggy up and tear it just become a little hard to shuffle. It is so cool that they look like you can see right straight thru them but you can’t.

Good deal on Amazon for this item- less than $5, its a steal!

Hoyle Waterproof Clear Playing Cards

You can buy the card from this link

There are two unspoken job requirements to hold a position at Delish. One, you must love a good sale. And two, you must love KitchenAid stand mixers to the ends of the earth and back again. As such, there’s no other source you should trust more to relay the latest Black Friday KitchenAid sales to you. Stores are only now just starting to release their plans for the big-time shopping day, so we’ll continue to update this page as more sales are shared. That said, here’s what we know so far:

  • Ebay: has a 40% deal on 4.5-quart Tilt Head Stand Mixer w/bowl with handle. You can find it here
  • Target: In a leaked Black Friday ad, the KitchenAid 5-quart Professional Stand Mixer is advertised for just $220, compared to the original $450. It will sell in multiple colors.
  • Best Buy: The electronics giant is rumored to be shilling KitchenAid Professional 500 Series Stand Mixers for $220 in silver and other colors. Best Buy will also have 20% to 40% off deals on mixer attachments, including pasta cutters and vegetable spiralizers.
  • Kohl’s: Kohl’s is notorious for its epic Black Friday sales, and this year seems to be no different. A leaked add shows the following: 4.5-quart stand mixers for $200, 5-quart stand mixers for $280, and 6-quart bowl-lift ones for $400. You’ll also get Kohl’s cash when you buy each of them.
  • Macy’s: Macy’s 4.5-quart mixers will apparently retail for just $190 (they’re normally $325). The 5-quart stand mixers will be just $280.
  • JCPenny: JCP’s Black Friday sales are pretty on par with the rest of the world’s. You’ll likely find 4.5-quart stand mixers for $200 and 5-quart stand mixers for $280.
  • Meijer: If you wanted to get started early, Meijer already confirmed they’re beginning the whole Black Friday thing on November 18. Starting 6 a.m. that day through Saturday, November 24, the KitchenAid 5-quart Pro-Lift 500 Mixer will be $220. That’s $200 of the regular price.
  • Sam’s Club: The big box store is slashing the price of its 4.5-Quart Mixer from $230 to $200. The best part: You’ll have nine fun colors to choose from—unless they sell out quickly!
  • Overstock: You can save a whopping $200 on a 4.5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer from It normally retails for $400; on Black Friday, it’ll be $200.

Etsiz Cig kofte nasil yapilir

Çiğ Köfte Harcı Tarifi İçin Malzemeler

  • Hazır çiğ köfte harcı (Buradan alabilirsiniz)
  • Salça
  • Limon
  • Bulgur
  • Nar ekşisi
  • Yarım çay bardağı sıvı yağ

Çiğ Köfte Harcı Tarifi Yapılışı

İl önce derin bir kaba bulgur ve çiğ köfte harcını koyuyoruz.Ilık suyu döküyoruz (ne kadar alırsa) bir kaşıkla karıştırıyoruz.Üstünü örtüp 10 dk dinlendiriyoruz dinlendikten sonra salça sıvı yağ limon koyup elimizle yoğuruyoruz sonra şekillendirip servis yapabilirsiniz.Üstüne nar ekşisi dökebilirsiniz

Best gift deodorants for him

Comfortable application
When it came to application and residue, all the Speed Sticks emerged as frontrunners. They have wide, domed heads that molded nicely to underarms, and one tester said Speed Stick Power felt “smooth, not wet or gritty.” After two hours, the same tester noted his armpits still felt dry.

Lack of residue
Where Speed Stick really pulled ahead was our residue test: It left no clumps or flakes on underarms, even on hairy pits where goop might easily cling. And when we wiped our armpits with t-shirt swatches, Speed Stick left only a slight chalky streak. Dove and Axe performed respectably but received slightly lower marks from our testers.

All three results were in stark contrast with options like Gillette Endurance and the Old Spice Wild Collection, which left so much product on the T-shirt fabric that we questioned how much had adhered to our skin in the first place.

Truly unscented
Turns out, without a scent to differentiate them, a lot of antiperspirants are very similar, and Speed Stick is about as scentless as it gets. If you put your nose really close to the package, you might catch a faint waxy whiff, but even that is a stretch. Its closest runner-up in our testing, the Ban Invisible Solid Antiperspirant Deodorant, is also unscented, but is a bit muskier — it includes some barley and sandalwood extract low on its ingredients list that the Speed Stick lacks.

A balanced application
Speed Stick and Ban both performed well in our application and residue tests, though Speed Stick earned an edge. Testers found that Speed Stick struck just the right balance between wet and dry, and after two hours, they’d forgotten it was even on. Speed Stick also left a slightly fainter trace in our residue test.

FDA approved
The FDA does not set standards for products labeled “clinical strength,” so it’s hard to say whether these antiperspirants actually provide the superior results they claim.

However, there are products like Dove Men+Care Clinical Strength, which is labeled “extra effective.” The FDA does set standards around this language. A product can be labeled an “antiperspirant” if it reduces sweating by 20 percent in user tests; products that reduce sweating by 30 percent can be labeled “extra effective” (Section IIC, Comment 9).

The product includes 5 percentage points more aluminum zirconium than its non-clinical Dove counterparts, topping out at 20 percent, the most of any men’s antiperspirant we tested. With this kind of antiperspirant strength, the Dove deodorant has a great chance at combatting odor and sweat.

Don’t choose between toxic products and stinky pits. This natural deodorant actually works!

Body odor isn’t something people like to talk about, but it happens to all of us. Terrified of being the source of any stink, we slather deodorants and antiperspirants into our armpits–an extremely sensitive part of our bodies. It was only recently that we learned many conventional deodorants are made with toxic chemicals that have been linked to cancer.

Some years ago, I decided I was done with deodorant and antiperspirants. I’d rather stink than bombard myself with yet another chemical. And for a while, it was OK. As long as I showered frequently the smell never got too bad. But on days when I couldn’t, or when the temperature soared into triple-digits, things got a little, uh, unpleasant.

EWG scientists reviewed Purelygreat Cream Deodorant – Citrus for Men for safety according to the methodology outlined in their Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. They assessed the ingredients listed on the labels of personal care products based on data in toxicity and regulatory databases, government and health agency assessments and the open scientific literature. EWG’s rating for Purelygreat Cream Deodorant – Citrus for Men is 1.

Yuvarlama Biber TURŞU

Yuvarlama biber turşu her yıl olmazsa olmaz turşularımdan birisidir.  Garanti bir tarif ve garanti bir turşudur.

Muhakkak ki fermente turşu en probiyotik olanı… ama bu başka turşu yapmayacağız, yemeyeceğiz anlamına gelmiyor. Tabiki yapacağız, tabiki yiyeceğiz.  Hele bu turşu yuvarlama turşu ise.. bu turşuyu yaklaşık olarak 20 yıldan beri yaparım. Kışın tam bir kurtarıcıdır. Çünkü uzun süre hiçbir şey olmadan dayanır. Tam diger tursulariniz bitti ve kıstırın yanında turşu olmazsa olmaz.. işte tam da o tuşudur yuvarlama turşu …

Bugüne kadar denemediyseniz mutlaka denemelisiniz. Tadı enfes…diğer sulu turşulardan farklı kimbilir belki de zeytin yağının farkıdır..

Tuzu da unutmamak gerekir özellikle deniz tuzunu…Deniz tuzu, dokularınızı güçlendirmeye yarayan magnezyumdan bol miktarda içermektedir. Dolayısıyla, zamandan veya bir hastalıktan kaynaklanan çökmeleri durdurmanın iyi bir yoludur. Buna ek olarak, tuzdaki mineraller bağışıklık sisteminiz için çok iyidir.Bunun bir sonucu olarak, kemikleriniz ve kaslarınız daha çabuk iyileşir. 

Zeytin yağını o kadar kısa geçmeyeceğim tabiki de…😉 Zeytinyağı, antioksidanlar gibi işlev gören polifenoller bakımından zengindir. Bu altın rengi sıvı, vücudunuzla temasa girdiğinde, hücresel yaşlanmayı yavaşlatır.

Ayrıca, enflamasyonu tetikleyen enzimlerin aktif hale gelmesini önleyen bir bileşik olan oleokanital de içerir. Böylece, üç yemek kaşığı yağ, kimyasal anti-enflamatuvar ilaçların onda birine eşittir.

Aynı şekilde, iyi kardiyovasküler sağlık için hayati bir mesele olan tekli doymamış yağ asitleri yoluyla stresi düzenler.

Tuz ve yağın birleşiminden dr böyle güzel bir turşunun ortaya çıkması kaçınılmaz sanırım. Biberdeki C vitamininden, limondan hiç bahsetmiyorum.


1 lt.lik cam şişe için

1/2 şu bardağı zeytin yağı

1 subardağı sirke

2 tatlı kaşığı şeker

4 yemek kaşığı kaya tuzu

1 limon suyu

Şişenin aldığı kadar acı yada tatlı turşuluk biber. Biberler yıkanır, kurulanır sapları ayıklanır, doğranır. Şişeye sıkı sıkı doldurulur. Üzerine  diğer malzemeler koyulup ağzı sıkıca kapatılır. Göz önünde bir yere koyulur, gidip gelip yuvarlanır.  2 hafta sonra turşunuz hazır.




Fermente turşu yapımı

yaptığımız her turşu fermente değil bildiğiniz gibi😉 yok ev yapımı organik sirke kullanıyorum, yok limon tuzu kullanmıyorum limon kullanıyorum. 🤔😚😙
Fermente turşu yani probiyotik olarak kurulan turşuya sirke, limon, limon tuzu ilave edilmiyor.Gerçek probiyotik fermente turşular sadece sebzeler ve  kaya tuzu ile oluyor.👌 Sirke asedik asittir girdiği her yapıya egemen olur .Oysaki probiyotik bakteriler laktik asit fermentasyonu yaparlar.
Sirke ile asedik fermentasyon olur ki sonuç sirkeleşmedir.
Hal böyle olunca çocukluğumuz da yediğimiz anneannelerimizin, babaannelerimizin yaptığı turşular fermente turşuymus meğer 😘 bilerek yada bilmeyerek sağlıklı fermente turşular yapmış anneannekerimiz. Turşunun üzerine asma dalı koyarlardı. Şimdi biraz araştırınca anladım ki asma yaprağı turşunun kıtırlığını sağlıyormuş.Demek ki anneannelerimizin bir bildiği varmış.
Probiyotik turşu tarifi

Fermente turşular yapmak için aşağıdaki malzemelere ihtiyacımız var.
Su, tuz, turşuluk sebzeler ve sarımsak, maya ve tenin.

Su tabii ki içme suyu olmalı,

Tuz tabii ki kaya tuzu olmalı.

Sebzeler taze, bulabiliyorsak doğal ilaçsız, bulamıyorsak iyice yıkanmış, sirkeli suda beklemiş ve kurumuş olmalı.

Bol sarımsak.

Maya olarak probiyotik turşu suyu en güzel başlangıç mayasıdır.
Turşuyu kuracağımız kavanoz da mutlaka cam kavanoz olmalı.
Probiyotik turşu kurmak aynı sirke yapmaya benziyor aslında. Turşunun mayalanması için başlangıç mayası gerekli. Eğer varsa önceden yaptığınız sirkesiz fermente turşu suyundan biraz yeni turşuya ilave ederek mayalayabilirsiniz. Turşu suyu yoksa, kefir suyu, peynir altı suyu da olur
Turşu kurarken nohut, bulgur vs de eklemeden sadece yukarıda saydığım malzemelerle turşu kuruyorum. Bu konu yine tam fermente probiyotik turşular elde etmek için gerekli.Sarımsağı bolca kullanıyorum. Kavanozun altına, sebzelerin arasına ve yine kavanozun üzerine sarımsak ilave ediyorum.
Turşu kurduğumuz sebzeleri kıtır kıtır yapmak için turşu kavanozunun içine ne sirke koyduk, ne limon ne de limon tuzu. Peki turşumuzun kıtırlığını ne sağlayacak? Sebzelerin kıtırlığını sağlayacak olan da tein . Tein için asma yaprağı, kiraz vişne yaprağı ya da bildiğimiz çay ekleyebilirsiniz. Turşular ortam sıcaklığına ve sebze çeşidine göre tam olgunlaşma ve lezzetli bir turşu olma süresi 1-2 ay. İlk bir kaç günde suyunda azalma olursa yine yukarıdaki tuz oranıyla su hazırlayıp kavanoza ilave ediyorum ve bir daha da turşu olana kadar kavanozun ağzını açmıyorum. Kavanozun ağzını açıp yemeye başlayınca da turşuları mutlaka soğuk bir yerde muhafaza ediyorum. Tabi ilk olma aşamasında da soğukta fermente olan turşular lezzet ve kıtırlık açısından daha iyi oluyor.
Gerçek turşu sadece kaya tuzu ile olur.
AFİYET OLSUN.