Rolling Pin for Dumplings

This is a good rolling pin for every day use. While most rolling pins in the market are not well burnished or made of raw material without safe covering, this pin, featuring remarkable burnishing and covering technique, has incredibly sleek surface and superb handhold feeling. There are no dents and small gaps compared with poor burnished or poor covering rolling pins in the market! Poor burnished or poor covering rolling pins have visible small gaps and dents easy to be stuck with flour residue which is difficult to be removed till go mouldy. Our rolling pins have avoided this problem. It is incredibly sleek and will not easily harbor bacteria!

Great product. The wood for the pin is very hard with a extremely smooth finish. My only complaint is that I wish the edges were tapered, but that is personal preference and I cannot dock a star for personal preference.


Bamber Wood Rolling Pin, 11 Inch by 1-1/5 Inch

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