Sunacme 36 Color Fineliner Pens Set- Perfect for adult coloring book

I was looking for  a set of finetip pens for my new adult coloring craze. If you havent tried adult coloring books yet, I would highly recommend it. It is so relaxing. I am going to add a review for a good deal to get you started on that, stay tuned.

I found these pens on Amazon and really purchased it because it was such a good deal- 36 pens for less than $5.00. I was not expecting much from the pens but I was pleasantly surprised.

First off the color variety is great! secondly the tip is of a good quality and the ink is bright and beautiful on paper. It does not seep into the next page which is great! I really liked this set and ordered one with a few coloring books for my mom and mother in law as well. Highly recommended.

Check it out here:

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