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Çiğ Köfte Harcı Tarifi İçin Malzemeler

  • Hazır çiğ köfte harcı (Buradan alabilirsiniz)
  • Salça
  • Limon
  • Bulgur
  • Nar ekşisi
  • Yarım çay bardağı sıvı yağ

Çiğ Köfte Harcı Tarifi Yapılışı

İl önce derin bir kaba bulgur ve çiğ köfte harcını koyuyoruz.Ilık suyu döküyoruz (ne kadar alırsa) bir kaşıkla karıştırıyoruz.Üstünü örtüp 10 dk dinlendiriyoruz dinlendikten sonra salça sıvı yağ limon koyup elimizle yoğuruyoruz sonra şekillendirip servis yapabilirsiniz.Üstüne nar ekşisi dökebilirsiniz

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Comfortable application
When it came to application and residue, all the Speed Sticks emerged as frontrunners. They have wide, domed heads that molded nicely to underarms, and one tester said Speed Stick Power felt “smooth, not wet or gritty.” After two hours, the same tester noted his armpits still felt dry.

Lack of residue
Where Speed Stick really pulled ahead was our residue test: It left no clumps or flakes on underarms, even on hairy pits where goop might easily cling. And when we wiped our armpits with t-shirt swatches, Speed Stick left only a slight chalky streak. Dove and Axe performed respectably but received slightly lower marks from our testers.

All three results were in stark contrast with options like Gillette Endurance and the Old Spice Wild Collection, which left so much product on the T-shirt fabric that we questioned how much had adhered to our skin in the first place.

Truly unscented
Turns out, without a scent to differentiate them, a lot of antiperspirants are very similar, and Speed Stick is about as scentless as it gets. If you put your nose really close to the package, you might catch a faint waxy whiff, but even that is a stretch. Its closest runner-up in our testing, the Ban Invisible Solid Antiperspirant Deodorant, is also unscented, but is a bit muskier — it includes some barley and sandalwood extract low on its ingredients list that the Speed Stick lacks.

A balanced application
Speed Stick and Ban both performed well in our application and residue tests, though Speed Stick earned an edge. Testers found that Speed Stick struck just the right balance between wet and dry, and after two hours, they’d forgotten it was even on. Speed Stick also left a slightly fainter trace in our residue test.

FDA approved
The FDA does not set standards for products labeled “clinical strength,” so it’s hard to say whether these antiperspirants actually provide the superior results they claim.

However, there are products like Dove Men+Care Clinical Strength, which is labeled “extra effective.” The FDA does set standards around this language. A product can be labeled an “antiperspirant” if it reduces sweating by 20 percent in user tests; products that reduce sweating by 30 percent can be labeled “extra effective” (Section IIC, Comment 9).

The product includes 5 percentage points more aluminum zirconium than its non-clinical Dove counterparts, topping out at 20 percent, the most of any men’s antiperspirant we tested. With this kind of antiperspirant strength, the Dove deodorant has a great chance at combatting odor and sweat.

Don’t choose between toxic products and stinky pits. This natural deodorant actually works!

Body odor isn’t something people like to talk about, but it happens to all of us. Terrified of being the source of any stink, we slather deodorants and antiperspirants into our armpits–an extremely sensitive part of our bodies. It was only recently that we learned many conventional deodorants are made with toxic chemicals that have been linked to cancer.

Some years ago, I decided I was done with deodorant and antiperspirants. I’d rather stink than bombard myself with yet another chemical. And for a while, it was OK. As long as I showered frequently the smell never got too bad. But on days when I couldn’t, or when the temperature soared into triple-digits, things got a little, uh, unpleasant.

EWG scientists reviewed Purelygreat Cream Deodorant – Citrus for Men for safety according to the methodology outlined in their Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. They assessed the ingredients listed on the labels of personal care products based on data in toxicity and regulatory databases, government and health agency assessments and the open scientific literature. EWG’s rating for Purelygreat Cream Deodorant – Citrus for Men is 1.