BZseed Head Up Display- Product Review

My review:

This is a reflective mirror to display what is on your phone screen to the glass.
I installed this on the dash directly in front of my steering wheel. The pivot stand is not very sturdy, it needs additional tape to be properly mounted. I cleaned the area and then mounted. So far its fine but I definitely needed additional sturdy double sided tape.

You can only use the phone on landscape mirror, so the mirror is designed to be wide enough for landscape view on cellphones – the weight of which can still cause the device to sway during driving. The reflector can fold down when not in use.

There are issues with visibility on screen during daylight. On cloud days and during nighttime, the HUD can be seen clearly.

The app is really whats crap but you can use the functions of the device with other apps available. Cheap item so worth the try.

You can buy the product here:

Product Details from Amazon

Function – BZseed GPS navigation hud image reflector can reflect GPS hud image clearly in front of your eyesight, letting you see navigation clearly without lowering head, bringing safety, convenience and joy for driving. About hud – hud, namely head up display, is a method to display GPS navigation image on a reflector in front of your head so that you can see it without lowering head while driving. Almost all navigation apps have hud mode. When entering hud mode, map navigation image will be changed into bright arrow directing navigation image, which is very cool and clearer to see when projected to reflector in front of you. Note: Reflecting button shall be clicked to ensure correct arrow direction. Composition – BZseed GPS navigation hud image reflector is made up of 3 parts. 1st, hardened scratch-resist reflective panel to project navigation information .2nd, a flat friction pad to well hold your phone and prevent it from sliding on the dash. 3nd, a ball and socket type foot that has a tape to adhere to the center console. Foot is flexible enough to allow placement on non flat surface. Safety and convenience- reflective panel is made of special organic material. It can reflect image very clearly while keeping transparency at the same time. Road view won’t be sheltered and no safety issue exists. Ball and socket type foot is 360 degree ratable, offering views in different angles. Tape on the bottom of foot is highly bonding, sticking tightly even on a dash. Size – base size: 6.3”(length) x 3.7”(width) x 0.5”(thickness), screen size: 5.9”. Suitable for iPhone, Samsung as well as most other smart phones.

Loreal Expert Series- Silver Magnesium Shampoo Review

I have recently been using John Frieda’s Go Blonder on my brunette/light brown hair to give it some natural looking highlights and a lighter shade. Go Blonder has been working well for me without drastic change or damage but because my undertones are brown and this product is not really meant for brown hair, I am getting a brassy-coppery brown/red undertones. After doing much review about different products and learning about this product from CocoBolinho’s Youtube videos, I gave it a try.
I used the product once so far- left it on for 4-5 minutes in the shower and then conditioned. The appearance is visibly less red/brassy and more dulled out grayish blond. I plan to use the shampoo once a week or depending on the red undertones. I recommend for brunettes who have recently bleached to a blonder look and are looking to get rid of the brassy/red undertones.
You can purchase the product here:
It is also available in larger sizes but I went with the small bottle to give it a try before spending $20 bucks. A small amount goes a long way with this.
L'Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert - Silver Magnesium Neutralising Shampoo (For Grey and White Hair) 300ml/10.1oz

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